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Villages Secrets

Documentary Series

V.O. French
10 X 30 minutes

Villages Secrets

Everywhere in Quebec, deep in the villages, lie a host of unsolved mysteries, legendary characters, surprising rumors and strange places. In Secrets de villages Luis Oliva invites you to visit far flung regions of Quebec to dig into these old or more recent stories that feed the collective imagination, and to lift the veil on the most surprising secrets. Thanks to his meetings with knowlegeable villagers, passionate historians and privileged witnesses, viewers will discover a colorful Quebec full of surprises.

Host : Luis Oliva

Directors : Sylvio Jacques et Chantal Limoges

Directors of photography : Jean-Philippe Talbot, Franck Le Coroller, Antoine Bergevin-Richer et Didier Beaupré

Sound design : Pierre Fleurant

Editing : Marie-Claude Doe

Original music : Guy St-Pierre

Research: Nathalie Déry

Producer :  Chantal Lafleur

Content producerÉvangéline De Pas