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The Outlaw League

Feature Film

A film of Jean Beaudry
O.V. French
90 minutes
Coproduction Québec & New-Brunswick

The Outlaw League

Nicolas, 12, must use tricks and persistence to reclaim the municipal baseball field that the mayor wants to turn into a dumping ground. The young people designate Nicolas as the leader of the “gang” elected to defend the survival of their territory. As more young people join them, Nicolas enrolls in the hard school of learning leadership.

Nicolas also wants to reconnect with his grandfather Jérémie, who lapsed into alcoholism following the death of his son. Jérémie eventually joins up with the young people in their fight against the city council.

Facing a slew of obstacles, but helped by village kids and young tourists united in a motley but happy “gang of outlaws”, Nicolas eventually emerges victorious.

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Script & direction :  André Melançon, Jean Beaudry, Lance Woolaver

Director :  Jean Beaudry

Actors :  André Kasper, Charles Gillespie, Gildor Roy, Guy Thauvette

Director of photography :
Philippe Lavalette

Montage :  Ludo Troch

Sound design :  Chris Goguen

Montage :  Hélène Girard

Original music :  Marc Beaulieu

Producers :  Chantal Lafleur, Rock Demers, François Savoie, Clarence LeBlanc