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That is the Question !

TV Series

Youth magazine
O.V. French
26 X 25 minutes

That is the Question !

Là, est la question! (That is the Question!) is a television series (26 x 25 min) that thinks outside the box. In the show, each activity serves as a pretext to trigger four questions that take young reporters around the city where they discover, via vivid and dynamic reporting, that science can be found everywhere, even where we least suspect it. That is the question! is a scientifically … urban series!

Directors : Sylvio Jacques et Michel Jacques
Designer : Jean-François Grenier
Screenwriters : Julie Tremblay-Sauvé & Sylvain Ratté

Presenters :

Adrien Belugou
Olivier Émond
Gabrielle Thouin
Tamara Vragovic

Editing : Matthieu Roy-Décarie
Original music : Guy St-Pierre
Producers : Chantal Lafleur & Rock Demers

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