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Série documentaire

V.O. French
8 x 22 minutes


Splash invites you to dive into the supercharged world of hydroplanes racing, one of the most spectacular sports. In this extreme adventure, four teams of enthusiasts display great courage and a relentless effort to reach the podium by combining skill, strategy and adrenaline. Follow them at more than 250 km/h over their furious season where all dreams are allowed…and anything can happen.

Directors :  Sylvio Jacques and Chantal Limoges

Teams :  Bull Shark, Canada Girl, La Bête Noire and Supernova, 

Directors of photography :  Jean-Sébastien Giroux and Jonathan Morin

Éditor :  Matthieu Roy-Décarie

Original music :  Guy St-Pierre

Producer :  Chantal Lafleur

Content producer: Évangéline De Pas

Bull Shark

Canada Girl

La Bête Noire