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Feature Length Film

A film by Vanja d’Alcantra
O.V. French
95 minutes
Coproduction Canada, France & Belgique


Separated from her brother for too long, Alice retraces his travels in Japan, in a village out of time, at the foot of cliffs. Here, Nathan had found peace with a man named Daïsuke. It’s Alice’s turn to get closer to the old man and his hosts. In a very Japanese atmosphere, she begins listening to her heart …

Based on the novel by Olivier Adam “Le cœur régulier”

Script and direction : Vanja d’Alcantara

Actors : Isabelle Carré, Neil Schneider, Jun Kunimura, Fabrizio Rongione

Director of photography :  Ruben Impens

Montage : Ludo Troch

Original music : Serge Nakauchi Pelletier

Producers : Denis Delcampe, Bertrand Gore, Chantal Lafleur, Marc Daigle

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