Bing Bang

Documentary Series

V.O. French
18 x 22 minutes

Bing Bang

Bing Bang is a documentary series that thinks outside the box. Propelled by ardent characters, it introduces us to the thrilling world of demolition races in Quebec. During each of the episodes we follow characters who are deeply in love with this unusual sport. Travelling to the many places where these races are held, we also learn about the young history of this sport which schedules around twenty events across Quebec.

Director : Sylvio Jacques

Participants : Team La Tribu / Team Obscur / Team PYR

Director of photography : Geneviève Ringuet

Editing : Matthieu Roy-Décarie

Original music: : Guy St-Pierre

Producer : Chantal Lafleur

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Best director : documentary program or series : biography or portrait

Team TYR

Team La Tribu​

Team Obscur