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About Us

Avenida is on a mission to create stories that stand out. Founded by Chantal Lafleur in 2014, the company encourages creators to dare to tell their stories, to elevate and make their voices heard. Her first production Bing Bang (2015 and 2016) dealt with the unifying universe of demolition races in Quebec. Broadcasted on Historia and directed by Sylvio Jacques, Bing Bang was nominated for the Prix Gémeaux 2017 in the category “Best documentary-series production: biography or portrait”. In 2015, Avenida also produced Kokoro, a co-production with France and Belgium. Shot in Japan, the film was directed by Vanja d’Alcantara and stars Isabelle Carré and Neils Schneider. In 2017-2018-2020, Chantal Lafleur produced all three seasons of the popular fiction series Jenny. Directed by Jean-Sébastien Lord, the series has earned great critical recognition and strong popularity with young audiences. It won four Prix Gémeaux and a Kidscreen Awards as well as being nominated at several prestigious events, including the International Emmy Kids Awards, the Prix Jeunesse international, the Rose d’Or and the Japan Prize. In 2018, Avenida co-produced Balance Point, a feature documentary that offers privileged access to the inner world of children enrolled in the professional program of a ballet school. Directed by Christine Chevarie, the film, which was released in theatres in December 2018, won the Inmates’ Prize at the 21st edition of the RIDM.

In 2019, Avenida produced The Vinland club, an historical drama that highlights the exceptional work of teachers in the late 1940’s in Quebec. Directed by Benoit Pilon, the film won three Iris including the prize for Best Actor-Leading Role for Sébastien Ricard. The film hit theatres on August 6, 2021.

Chantal Lafleur

With over twenty years of experience in the film and television industry in Quebec, Chantal Lafleur has worked in both production and distribution.

Her most recent productions include the fictional series Jenny (Unis TV) whose first season was nominated in the Best Series category at the International Emmy Kids Awards, while the award for Best Young Actress in a Leading Role was presented to the star of Jenny – Émilie Bierre – at the Young Artist Awards in 2018. That same year, the series was also nominated in several categories at the Geminis, the Kidscreen Awards and the prestigious International Youth Prize. Jenny’s second season garnered the award for best children’s series at the 34th edition of the Prix Gémeaux.

The feature-length documentary, Balance Point, was released theatrically in Quebec at the end of 2018. This film, which explores the aspirations versus the reality of young dancers from the École supérieure de ballets du Québec, won the 2018 RIDM Prix des détenues. The film was nominated at the Gémeaux Awards Gala in the “Best Program or Documentary Series: Arts and Culture” category.

More recently, Chantal Lafleur finished production of the fictional feature The Vinland Club, directed by Benoit Pilon, and co-written with Normand Bergeron and Marc Robitaille.

Among her many previous productions: Bing Bang I and II, a documentary series for Historia and Kokoro, a feature film by Vanja d’Alcantara, co-produced with France and Belgium. Before the creation of Productions Avenida, she produced several films from the Tales for All collection for Productions La Fête as well as several television series including Là est la question!, which won the Audience Award – Best Youth Series and Best Transmedia Project of the Youth Media Alliance.

Marie-Ève Laliberté

Passionate about television and cinema since early childhood, Marie-Ève Laliberté consumed thousands of hours of entertainment, developing her analytical skills and critical judgment. With her keen interest in scripting and content, she made her debut as a researcher and screenwriter on documentary series broadcasted on TV5 and Unis TV. Joining Productions Avenida as an assistant in 2016, Marie-Ève is involved in all company’s projects and participates in various aspects of television and film production.